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Family Connect

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Family Connect is a health care product provided by SimpleC. The idea is to help care givers take better care of their beloved aged care recipients and improve the living quality of them. It includes two interconnected applications: Companion and Companion Hub.
Companion is an App which can work as a multimedia album as well as a daily activities reminder for care recipients(most of them have memory issue);
Companion Hub is a platform where care givers can manage the content of Companion.


We have mainly two groups of users: Care givers and care recipients.
Especially for the care recipients, we need to take their disabilities into consideration. Could they access all the functions and how difficult it is to access them?
Their goals are different, according to the interview with them.


To design the application, we conducted user study in each iteration with 7 couples of care givers & recipients. Except for their behaviors, pain points and needs. We leveraged card sorting to know users' mental model and asked them for advice in labeling.
I built a site map to communicate with the team, especially the tech lead.