UX Research

Project Management Database

PMDB (Project Management Database) is a platform on which managers, PMs, TAs manage their teams and projects. The vision of a re-designed Project Management Database (PMDB) is to improve the PMDB utility with a near term focus on PM requirements and Division Management requirements.


The application is being used by Esri Professional Services staff. Different roles have currently different modules available to them. Roles are:
- Division management
- Department management
- Group leads
- Program leads
- Industry practice leads
- Project managers / Technical Advisors / Consultants
- Analysts
- Developers
- …


The goals of the study were:
         - Understand and get to know the users, their needs, pain points and learn from their insights;
         - Identify areas that are important to the users but are currently missing as well as areas that can be phased out and retired;
         - Get more insights from the users perspective, i.e.
                  oRoles & responsibilities
                  o Work & tasks
                  o Needs
                  o Current PMDB usage
                  o Complementary tools


A total of 21 employees were interviewed for 1 hour each. Questions included:
         - What are your roles?
         - Tell me about your typical work day.
         - How and for what do you currently use PMDB?
         - What are the most important tasks you have to accomplish in your job?
The facilitators tried to leave the interview relatively unstructured and qualitatively exploring the work and issues of the users.

Data Analysis

After each of the interview, I reviewed the audio recording and notes, then logged in every sentence they talked. In this way I made full use of the data I gathered and group the qualitative answers and visualize the quantitative data.



Based on the findings, I generated systematic recommendatons in three aspects: interaction(data input/out put related), system structure and new features (e.g.notification, team calendar, unified search).
And here is a simple prototype to show my vision.