I Read and Reflect

I am reading everyday, making myself ready for new challenges by tracking new technology and digesting insightful concept.

UI Design

Project Design Guidelines

Recently, I have been working on creating and maintaining design guideline for 2 projects: Athena and Rule14 Data Analysis Platform (potentially Peri).
They are not only guide book for the designers who are (or will) working on the product but also for the developers on the team. They will help to standardize and boost the design and front end development process of the project.
05/28/2017         500 WORDS         7 MINUTES
UX Design

It's all about POPUP

What is Popup, different kinds of Popup, currently where you can find them and the role they play in each context.
Advantages and disadvantages of using Popups, when to use them, tips&warnings and how to test them systematicaly.
All the things you need to know about Popup is here as a UX professional.
04/10/2017         2000 WORDS         25 MINUTES
UX Design

The Triforce of UX

I quite like the idea that UX Designer is like a hub rather than a whimsical creator or a bossy general. An ideal UX Designer takes the user, client, and developers seriously. They are curious about users and their goals, understand them and try to learn as much as possible from them. They understand the business goal and the needs of clients, modest enough to make the compromise when it doesn't harm the design decision so much. They respect developers and appreciate their work - the real product.. 04/19/2016         521 WORDS         4 MINUTES
UX Design

Scavenger Ari 01 (Account Settings)

I am Ari, so excited that this will be the very first blog of ‘Scavenger Ari‘ series. This gonna be a place to store my findings in User Experience world.
The reason I begin with account setting is that I am working as part-time on the wireframe/prototype of a product. And right now it comes to the layout and workflow of Account settings. Then I wander around and grab everything in my horizon. And then there are my trophies..
03/05/2016         323 WORDS         6 MINUTES
App idea

APP for Decision-making Anxiety

As a person with decision-making anxiety, it always takes me a long time to make decisions on very trivial stuff such as which food to order, which fruit to buy, which activity to attend. Too many choices to make in every day life and it makes me feel painful. I always want to turn to others for help, even strangers.. 02/22/2016         157 WORDS         2 MINUTES
UX Design

Inbound and Outbound, look through SEARCH

Inbound marketing is all about bringing customers to you. Attracting them with content that answers their questions. Informing them. Engaging them. Inbound marketing is a great fishing pole, but we’ve grown up now and we need more than that. We’ve got to scale up our operation. We need to turn our fishing trip into a farming enterprise. We need to reach out, and nurture our audience. We need to start bringing product to them.. 12/27/2015         414 WORDS         4 MINUTES